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About Us

Our Story

Nestled among old vines and fertile land, ripening grapes, and dusky evening skies, Violetto pays homage to the history of the Napa Valley region and the Italian-French influence on our viniculture and cuisine.

And while we honor and learn from tradition, it is the spirit of innovation that we embody.

Combining old-world techniques and progressive expression, Chef Thomas Lents’ menus explore the lesser-known regions of our European ancestry by embracing the abundance of world-class ingredients and producers that surround us from local farms to our very own kitchen garden.

We are inspired by the fleeting and ephemeral nature of the seasons, always letting nature guide the way.

Weaving past and present, hyper-local and universal, simple and complex, rustic and refined, we invite you to join us in this culinary journey that can only be of this place, of this moment at Violetto.

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